What You Should Know About Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral is a beautiful church that serves as a historic landmark in downtown Washington, D.C. It is one of only two National Cathedrals established in the District of Columbia. Other features of this magnificent cathedral include: the bell tower, the central minster, the stained glass windows, and its vault. Visitors will be amazed by the cathedral’s beauty and the remarkable history that surround it. Here are some of the highlights of Washington National Cathedral.

The Washington National Cathedral is considered to be a remarkable symbol of American National History because of its presence in what is one of the oldest cities in America. The Cathedral is also home to the oldest grandmaster of all time, which is John Winthrop. The cathedral was built over one hundred years ago and was restored and rebuilt by the present-day Cathedral congregation. The beautiful stained glass window in the west end of the cathedral shows the American Flag that was lowered in remembrance of those who fell in World War II. The Washington National Cathedral is a striking example of Gothic architecture.

The Washington National Cathedral is just a short walking distance from the White House and is located on top of a beautiful old spire. The main features of the cathedral include its great stained glass windows that span over half of one hundred feet along the top of the cathedral. On each side of these great windows is a representation of keys that were used to open the gates to Washington, D.C. Another great attraction in this cathedral are the gargoyles. There are eighty-three gargoyles in all and they have been there for nearly eleven hundred years.

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When most people think of Washington, D.C. they think about the national purposes of the area and its role in U.S. history. While the national purposes are important to consider, there are also local purposes that are just as important. The Washington National Cathedral is one of these places that has endured as a part of the American spirit since it was first built over one hundred years ago.

The Washington National Cathedral and all of its associated buildings and sites are very important to the American people and to our nation. They represent the past, the present, and the future of our great country. No other local church or site is as important to our nation on every level than the Washington National Cathedral.

This cathedral is indeed a great example of Gothic architecture. This style of architecture is often associated with other historical spots, such as the French Cathedral in Paris, but this cathedral stands uniquely alone. Its history and connection to our nation cannot be overlooked. This is truly a place of great importance in our nation’s history. It symbolizes the past and connection to our nation’s past and future. No other local church can even come close to what the Washington National Cathedral can offer.