The Best Theme Park in the World Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is an amusement park and film studio in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles County, California. About 70 percent of the facility lies within the county’s unincorporated municipal island called Universal City, while the other half is located inside the city proper. Much of Universal Studios Hollywood’s revenue now derives from tickets sold to the theme parks located on the different Islands within the park. These ticket sales account for about half of the revenues generated by Universal Studios every year. Universal Studios Hollywood was the first theme park to be built in southern California, and it is one of its most popular tourist attractions.

There are currently four themed areas in Universal Studios Hollywood, namely: Cars Land, Fast Lane, Backlot, and Backstage. The Cars Land offers funicular roller coasters and other thrilling rides, while Fast Lane is a skateboarding rink with a number of different types of narrow-gauge rails for skaters and more. Backlot is the location of the classic Universal Studios movie set, and it is where the original version of The Hulk was filmed. On the other hand, Backstage is where the popular Ride resides and also contains the largest number of rides and attractions.

There are a number of ways to buy Universal Studios Hollywood ride tickets. Those wishing to enjoy all four of the themed sections of the park can buy a single Universal Studios admission ticket, which will grant entrance to all four parks. Also available is a mix of Universal Studios admission tickets, and tickets that include a choice of entrance into both Cars Land and Backlot. For a slightly more affordable option, tourists can purchase several Universal Studios Hollywood rides tickets, each purchased separately.

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Universal Studios Hollywood also has two other famous themed areas. One of them is called Backlot, where many of the popular scenes from the movies take place. This section is also where you will find the gorillas in the film. Another area is called the Sci-Fi LANE, which is the location of the Nostromo from the movie Return of the Jedi. Both of these areas contain their own character attractions, including rides on the Nostromo, a roller coaster at both Backlot, and a flight simulator that go above and around the actual aircraft.

Those who would rather skip the multiple rides and adventures can visit Universal Studios Florida, which is also in the Hollywood area. Universal Studios Florida is divided up into two distinct sections: namely, Wet n Wild at the Lake Buena Vista Lagoon, and Universal Studios Hollywood itself. While there aren’t a lot of rides in either of these sections, most visitors prefer to visit Wet n Wild. Here, visitors can get some pretty wild deals on seasonal clothing, as well as a chance to meet all kinds of celebrities. If you’re planning to visit Universal Studios Hollywood with your family, it might be worth spending some time at Wet n Wild, in order to soak up some sun and have a grand ol’ time with your family.

When you’re done enjoying yourself at one of the Universal Studios Florida locations, you may wish to go back to the theme park. This park has several different offerings, which cater to all ages. It is possible to spend an entire day at either SeaWorld or Shamu, while still exploring the different attractions in this park. Or maybe you’d prefer to visit Tarzan’s Tree House, or check out the many shows that take place at the Timbuktu Resort. You are practically guaranteed to find something that you’ll enjoy when visiting Universal Studios Florida.