Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review –  Everything revolves around the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Today is by far the biggest day for the Galaxy S21’s news, because we don’t just have an overview of that GalaxyS21 +. Yes, you heard that right, but we also have a live benchmark run on the S21 + itself which is then compared to the iPhone 12 Pro. We also have official pictures of all S21 models, official specification lists, official cases, information about chargers and headphones in the box of the S21, Exynos is back. I mean this video is full of information. So without much further ado, let’s get into that.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Camera

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First, Random Stuff 2 uploaded its test video of the Galaxy S21 +. Yes, a full test almost a month before the official launch of the Galaxy S21 series. S21 leaks are getting pretty insane at this point, I mean they even put the google pixels to shame in that department. As you know, he’s had the S21 + for a few weeks and has uploaded some videos in the past few days, but today he’s talking about his experience with the device so far. This is a preproduction variant of the S21 + that features the 6.7-inch AMOLED flat panel display with crazy, thin bezels. A triple camera array with 12MP, 64MP, and 12MP configurations. It shows the wrap-around camera and the camera joint is narrower than the S20 Plus because Samsung uses new camera technology.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus VS iPhone 12 Pro

It also shows off the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and it looks like the scanner is noticeably faster this time around compared to previous iterations. We heard a few days ago that Samsung had improved the range of the scanner as well as the speed so that just a tap of the finger would unlock the handset. And that seems to be the case. He also shared some camera samples as well as the video sample by comparing it to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As you can see, the photos look better from the S21 + with a good dynamic range.

He also ran an Antutu benchmark test on both devices. You need to remember that iOS ‘Antutu scores do not compare to Android versions as they do not support cross-platform comparison. If the iPhone 12 Pro Max scores fewer points, it does not mean that it is an inferior product. Apart from that, we also have the official marketing images of all S21 models in all colors. Take a look at the S21 Ultra in silver, it looks like the aura glow variant, the camera module and the camera rings are huge.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Price

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that we said how big the S20 Ultra’s camera module is, but the S21 Ultra is a shame and even the Note 20 Ultra. Even if it is a little trypophobic in nature, especially this color, but it looks better than the S20 Ulta. Here is the official cover for the S21 and S21 +. Many of you have asked how you would like to put a case on top of this wrap-around camera. Here is one of the ways you can cover the camera hump which makes the case really thick. I am sure there will be other cases that will not make the device fat. As for the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 around $1313,79.

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We now have confirmation that all European S21 Variants do not have headphones and chargers in the box. You’ll just ship the phone in the box along with the USC C cable, which frankly sucks. But what can you do Finally, the Exynos team uploaded a teaser video to the Exynos 2100 stating that Exynos is back and announcing that they will officially launch the Exynos 2100 on January 12th, two days before the Unpacked event . Of course, let me know what you think about it in the comments and keep pinching as always.