Samsung Galaxy Note 21 not launching in 2021. Will Note series discontinue?

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 not launching in 2021. Will Note series discontinue ? – So the news we have been waiting for is finally here. Over the past few months, various reports have sprung up regarding this Samsung discontinued the Galaxy Note series from its flagship smartphones. But that was not the case. DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung and former head of Samsung phones, has revealed at Samsung’s annual shareholders meeting that they will continue to launch more Galaxy Note phones in the future. However, there are limitations. The catch is that they didn’t launch the Galaxy Note 21 this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21
Samsung Galaxy Note 21

The launch timing of Note models can be changed, but we’re working on releasing Note models next year. So basically he’s saying that the Galaxy Note series hasn’t been discontinued, but just postponed for now, and expects a new flagship to be ready next year. He also mentioned that the timeline for the next Galaxy Note launch will also undergo changes. Traditionally Samsung launched the Galaxy Note in the second half of this year around August. But that will change from next year. It will be interesting to see what month they will choose. The Galaxy S was launched in January while the foldable device was slated for July.

So the Galaxy Note has found itself in a weird place here because they don’t want these high-profile device launch events close to each other because of the potential to cannibalize each other’s sales.There are several reasons for that and I’ll explain them in a moment, but here’s what DJ Koh said, “Galaxy Note is an important product category for us that has continued to be loved by consumers for the last 10 years in the world. market. The S Pen user experience is an area where Samsung’s mobile business is working harder than anyone else. Their launch times may vary, but we’ll make sure that we don’t disappoint Galaxy Note consumers. DJ Koh also said that the Galaxy Note launch schedule next year may be different from the previous launch. I quote, the Note series is positioned as a high-end model in our business portfolio.

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It can be a burden to unveil two flagship models in a year so it may be difficult to release a Note model in the second half of this year. However, this is the reason DJ Koh giving reasons why they didn’t launch the Galaxy Note 21 this year. First, he said developing and offering two high-end devices in a year could be “a burden” because the lines between the Galaxy S and Note models are definitely blurred. The second reason is the imbalance between the demand and supply of semiconductor chips globally.

You see Samsung and TSMC are the only two big companies that have the capability to produce semiconductor chips and now with the pandemic, the demand for mobile phones, laptops and other devices has increased a lot and these companies cannot keep up with the demand. Plus recently, there was a power outage at Samsung’s chip factory in Austin, Texas, and Samsung said its Austin foundry had not restarted production yet. As a result, there is a global shortage of semiconductor chips and Due to this shortage, Samsung decided to skip the launch of the Galaxy Note 21 this year. But fortunately we can expect a new Galaxy Note device sometime next year, the Note is not discontinued but only postponed for now. Let me know what you think of this in the comments and as always keep pinching.