iOS 14.5 removes Siri’s default voice

When you think of Siri, there is a good chance that you are thinking of a female voice. This is the one that appears on most ads and is the default one, at least in many countries. Or it was anyway, but with iOS 14.5, Siri doesn’t use voices by default.

Instead, TechCrunch reports that when setting up their device, users will be asked to choose whether they want a male or female voice, with no pre-selected options. It’s worth noting that some countries have actually set a male voice as the default, but they too will no longer have the default. This isn’t the only change to Siri either, as iOS 14.5 added two new voices that are available to English-speaking users around the world. So you have more options than not making the initial selection for you.

All kinds of updates

These updates are available now, but only in iOS 14.5, which is currently in beta. However, we expect it to be available to everyone soon. Whenever it lands on your device, it doesn’t just improve Siri, as we already know that iOS 14.5 also lets you recalibrate your iPhone’s battery life for more accurate battery life estimates. Although strangely enough, this feature is only supported by the iPhone 11 series.

iOS 14.5 also includes goggle support for Face ID, a new privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency, support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers, and more. So it’s a pretty major update, and possibly the biggest one we’ll see before iOS 15.

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