Google Pixel 6 and 6XL Specifications Design, Concept!

Google Pixel 6 & 6XL Specifications – So the Google Pixel 5 The phone wasn’t launched until last October, but the world of smartphones is moving fast and we already have some possible details about Google’s next flagship phone, the Pixel 6. The internal code names for the future Pixel phones are leaked last year, Passport, raven and oriole. Passport is for Google’s supposedly foldable phone that may or may not launch this year. But Raven and Oriole are for that Pixel 6 and maybe the Pixel 6 XL.

Google decided not to publish one Pixel 5 XL last year because they slightly changed their direction on their phone versions and the company moved away from equipping them with the very best technology available. Instead, all of the Google phones last year included more modest mid-range chipsets and price tags that are below competing phones out there Samsung and Apple. They were also particularly smaller phones that offered a break from the usual flood of giant Android devices. However, this could change this year based on these internal code names.

Google Pixel 6 XL – First Look, Specs, Design, Concept!

You can see the developer preview of the Android 12 is already out and there are some interesting hidden details in the build. Noteworthy and I quote “Make unlocking your phone a breeze,” “Save time unlocking the phone in your pocket,” and “Securely unlock your phone with your face and fingerprint.” Based on these hidden codes, many people believe the Pixel 6 will have a built-in fingerprint scanner, and Google will be bringing back the face-unlocking feature with the Pixel 6, which we saw on the Pixel 4’s built-in fingerprint scanner is closed with Android 12 become a native Android feature. It does not guarantee that the feature will appear on the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 XL.

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Snapdragon 888 Chipset

However, you cannot rule out the possibility either. It seems that the elimination of the Pixel 5 XL model is due to the effects of Covid-19. If this is actually the case, hopefully things will be different in 2021. We could see a return to the high-end range with a Pixel 6 XL packaging a Snapdragon 888 Chipset and therefore an in-display fingerprint scanner is very likely. As for the in-display face scanner, although I don’t think that would happen. Yes, we’ve seen Apple’s patents on integrating the facial ID sensors under the display, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. It’s a very complex technology for one biometric solutionYes, we already have the front camera under the display, but we don’t expect biometric solutions under the display.

IMX 363 12.2MP sensor

However, the Pixel range has always had a strong reputation in the camera department. And while we’re sure to be impressed with the images from the Pixel 5, this model felt like a step backwards in some ways, and that’s due to the use of one IMX 363 12.2MP sensor That was pretty out of date when it was released. So I hope the Pixel 6 will see a new camera sensor that will bring Google to the fore again in mobile cameras. It has worked wonders with AI and computer technology; However, now the current sensor feels that it has reached its limit.

Samsung and Apple phones take better photos than a Pixel phone these days, and Google doesn’t seem to have a competitive advantage. Also, for some reason, Google removed the Pixel 4 telephoto lens. We hope the next pixel has at least three main cameras that are normal, wide and telephoto to level the playing fields. If all you had to do was choose one upgrade for the Pixel 6, which one would it be? Let me know in the comments and keep pinching as always.

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