Dot Alphabet Worksheets – Why They Are a Great Educational Tool

Dot Alphabet letters are a useful re-useable printable which can be used in conjunction with other learning resources, for example part of group activities, small group projects or even by independent learners to learn the right formation of basic writing letters. They are particularly useful for children. These interactive and versatile Dot Alphabet sheets are available in different sizes depending on the number of letters you want them to cover. They are printed on high quality Bristol boards and laminated with special Dot Aligners which help them stay flat and resist smudging when used outdoors. There are also several specially designed versions for children who have difficulty reading and writing with the traditional Dot Alphabet – these are known as the ‘Dot Mobile’ and include large easy to read letter tiles. The mobile version comes complete with a storage trolley and is ideal for parents or guardians who may find it difficult to provide their child with a personalised pencil and paper set.

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dot-to Dot Alphabet letter charts are an innovative re-useable learning resource for small children. These colourful Dot-To Dot Alphabet Letter Charts are designed to encourage young children to learn how to write using the familiar letter shape and familiar sounds. Children will find these alphabet chart games are fun and easy and because they are designed to help children develop their written communication skills using the letter shape and sounds they will enjoy this educational activity. When the child moves to the next level of the Dot Alphabet Chart they will be using the full range of dots on the chart, helping them to master the whole alphabet.

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The Dot Alphabet Letter Sets is a very simple, engaging and helpful teaching tool, especially for toddlers. It helps develop phonics awareness, spelling of individual letters, familiarity with different alphabets and makes learning a fun family activity. The Dot Alphabet worksheets are available in English, Spanish and Chinese. The availability of hundreds of different letter shapes and sounds mean that this educational product will not only help toddlers develop their written language skills, but will also encourage children to develop their fine motor skills as they learn to type with their fingers!

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