Disneyland Resort Los Angeles- Attractions and Hotels

The Disneyland Resort is an amusement park based in Anaheim, California, near the airport of LAX. The Resort was established in Disneyland Hotel and Casino in the year 1960. It underwent major changes during the expansion process and now has four theme parks and two hotels. With the increase in visitors and the chain of hotels and theme parks, the Resort has become a tourist destination for travelers and a home for many people who live across the world.

While on a Disneyland tour, you will need to check in at the Anaheim hotel. This is where the main tourist attraction of Disneyland Resort is located. At this hotel, you can have a glimpse of fireworks when it’s nighttime. After having dinner, you can head to the Tomorrowland to see the movie attraction. Once you have spent a great time at Disneyland, you can head over to Epcot attraction where you can have lunch, meet some Disney characters and then go to the World’s Fastest Road to Adventure where you can again enjoy the fireworks display.

During the day, you can also visit Disney’s California Adventure Park which is a great park for kids and adults. This attraction offers thrilling rides, exhibits and shops where you can buy souvenirs for your trip to Disneyland. In addition to that, the park also has several food courts where you can find delicious meals while strolling around the attractions. If you have not visited the attraction, you will also have an opportunity to visit the Mission Space and The Science Center, which are also found in the same area.

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You can also go to Universal Studios Hollywood, which is the second-largest theme park of the Disneyland Resort. Here, you can visit several attractions such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, The Dark Crystal, The Stunt Farm, The Valley of Heroes, etc. When you go to Universal Studios Hollywood, you must make sure that you are staying at an accommodation that is within walking distance from the theme park as it is quite a busy tourist destination.

When choosing your hotel accommodation, you need to check several factors such as the location of the hotel, whether the place offers airport transfers, its dining and drinking facilities and whether it has a complimentary program. A hotel that is located near the Disneyland Resort or close to the popular tourist destinations would be the best choice. However, if you are looking for a place to stay where you can have a quiet and relaxing holiday without having to spend much time on the rides then you can choose to choose a hotel located in a different area of Los Angeles.

Since there are many hotels in and around Disneyland Resort Los Angeles, you should know the best ones in town. You can choose among Budget Hotels, Luxury Hotels and Celebrity Hotels if you want to stay at the best quality while paying less. If you want to know more about the different types of hotels in Disneyland Resort Los Angeles, you can browse through several travel websites online. There are plenty of information available on them so that you will be able to choose among the best ones.

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