Connect The Dots Worksheets For Kindergarten

Connect The Dots Worksheets for Kindergarten is an award winning program which teaches your kindergarten students how to use the “connect the dots” concept in math. Connect The Dots is a visually stunning presentation which will teach your kindergarteners the “jigsaw puzzle” skills which are so important to learning mathematics. This program was developed by Jocelyn Dawes and her spouse Mark Dadourian, who have been teaching preschool for over 30 years. The Dots Worksheets for Kindergarten is available as a CD-ROM, DVD, and online. This program allows you to import pictures from Microsoft Word or other graphics programs, and then your children are taught step by step how to create the various shapes that connect.

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If you have a few minutes to spare on a Saturday afternoon, you can bring your child to the local library and get Connect The Dots Worksheets for Kindergarten. Your child will not only be able to make the shapes out of the given pictures, but will be asked to describe what each shape looks like to their parents. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your young child and develop a special relationship while at the library. Once your child has successfully completed the worksheets, you will be rewarded with hugs and praise.

If you purchase the Connect The Dots Worksheets for Kindergarten program, you will be getting an eight week course that introduces students to basic and higher mathematics. The worksheets will include graphics, letters, numbers, pictures, graphs, and diagrams. As your child learns new shapes, you will be able to watch him practice his problem solving skills. He will enjoy being involved in the activities and will continue to use the worksheet as a reference when math is needed. When your child leaves the library, he will have created a whole new world of possible jobs in the world of finance!

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