Siri could soon learn to whisper and talk more loudly, according to new Apple patent


Siri, Apple’s ever-useful digital assistant, may soon be given the ability to raise or lower its voice, or to match a user’s language, according to a newly discovered Apple patent.As reported by AppleInsider, the patent describes how Siri can evaluate room noise, where the device is located and how far it is from the user, in order to adjust volume and tone accordingly.

Right now, Siri always responds with the same volume and flexion, and this means that it is lagging behind its competitors. Alexa has had a whisper mode for a while, while the Google Nest speakers have a low volume night mode.Other data points, such as The user’s speech and the time of day and the device’s previously set volume could be taken into account when Siri decides how loud it should be.

Speak as you would like to be addressed

Siri could also speak more slowly in a noisy environment to make sure it was understood, the patent suggests, although hopefully that doesn’t mean the weather forecast was yelling at you through a crowded subway car.We assume that if and when it is released it will be applied everywhere Siri can be found, so you can start whispering to the digital assistant or raising your voice whether you do it on the Use iPhone or HomePod mini.

As always with patents, however, this is no guarantee that functionality will actually be implemented: while patents give us a good idea of ​​what companies are considering and researching, the technology they describe is not always available to users. Consumer.

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However, Apple seems intent on putting the time and effort into developing Siri. With the latest iOS 14.5 update, users can choose a default voice the first time they set up devices.