Seattle Center and Space Needle – Great Places to Stay

The Seattle Center and Space Needle is one of the tallest freestanding buildings in Seattle. It has a tremendous retail space on the top floor for offering a variety of shops and restaurants. On the lower floors are the parking garage facilities for visitors who need to access the buildings’ elevators and elevator themselves. At ground level is the two-story podium that houses the Seattle Center and Space Needle. This is a very distinctive building in the downtown area, especially considering how the Seattle Center and Space Needle was designed with a view of the Space Needle in mind. The two-story podium has been completely renovated since it was built and adds an entirely new floor to this famous icon of Seattle.

The Seattle Center and Space Needle has long been a landmark in Seattle’s skyline and a very popular tourist destination among visitors and residents. Not only does it house the tallest building in the city, it also hosts numerous attractions like the Seattle Center Free Concert series. For those who want a chance to take in this landmark concert series, the free concerts are held every Wednesday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. In addition to holding these outdoor concerts, the Space Needle also hosts cultural events on a regular basis. The most recent cultural event was a “Caribbean Cruise” in March, which attracted a reported million tourists and residents.

Visitors can go directly to the Seattle Center and Space Needle, which means they won’t have to drive down any of the famous Seattle streets. If you happen to be in the mood for shopping, then you’ll want to make your way to the Seaport Village. It is located on Capitol Hill, directly south of the Space Needle. There are a couple of hotels in this neighborhood, including the Hotel Seattle and a luxury suite at the Inn on Capitol Hill. All of these hotels have deluxe accommodations, gourmet restaurants, and meeting spaces.

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Located downtown, just a short walking distance away from the Space Needle and the heart of downtown Seattle is the Pikes Peak Restaurant. This restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. The prices range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on what time of year you visit. Also within walking distance of the downtown Seattle area is the Seavern Park condos at Broadway and Myrtle Beach. Offering magnificent views of the downtown skyline and the beautiful North Carolina coast, these condos can accommodate a family of five with a toddler or a group of friends.

To stay in one of the top spots in downtown Seattle, there are many hotel rooms to choose from. The two Seattle Center hotels are only steps away from these amazing hotels. The Holiday Inn Seattle Center offers rooms with direct access to the revolving doors of the Space Needle, which offers panoramic views of the Seattle skyline and Lake Washington. The Holiday Inn also offers two double beds in a quiet corner of the downtown Seattle Center. As an additional feature, the hotel offers a fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool.

Downtown Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood is less than a mile from the downtown Seattle Center. Set against the backdrop of the historic Lake Union Park, this area is a perfect location to find trendy lofts and high rise condos. One of the newest hotels to come to the Seattle Center and Space Needle area is the loft-style Hotel Seattle, which features two single beds in a fully furnished loft with full kitchen. Other lofts include the loft-style Hotel Fait, which has two lofts with single and double sinks, a dining room and an upper living room, and the loft-style Hotel Solitude, which has one bedroom and a couch bed. These Hotel Seattle offer great amenities for a family of five or more, with easy access to all the fabulous attractions of downtown Seattle.

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