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One of the most exciting parts of Preschool Activities For Preschool Alphabet is the learning of new words! A very good way to stimulate the learning of these new words is to make it a game that will get them talking. This can take many forms, from making a story out of the new word, to having the children write the word down on a piece of paper and asking them to read it out loud. Another way to stimulate the learning of new words is to go through the alphabet with the children and identify each letter in turn.

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For example, if you have the children identify the letter A as in, then they should say b when they hear the word ball. If they say it, you can then draw a picture of a ball (after making sure that the image is not too small) and show them how the letter A looks like when it is in motion. If the letter A is in motion, you can move the picture around to show them all of the different ways that an A can be in motion. The fun part of this activity is that you can use the drawing to teach the children where the letter A’s arms go, as well as its legs. By showing them what an A looks like, you are teaching them the basics of spelling.

Another great way to enhance the learning of an unfamiliar word is by making a story out of it. This is also a fun way to spend time with the preschoolers. It gives the children a chance to put their own characters into the story, adding more color and life to the learning of the new word. Activities For Preschool Alphabet are a great way to help the children learn the sounds of the alphabet and are sure to stimulate learning.

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