New iPhone 13 release date, price and every important new iPhone leak

The iPhone 13 – or maybe the iPhone 12S – is slated to be the new iPhone for 2021, and it’s likely that you’ll be thinking about Apple’s smartphone later this year. Thanks to a number of leaks and rumors about the iPhone 13, we are getting a clear picture of what to expect. Last year’s iPhone 12 family brought 5G connectivity, a revamped design, and a powerful new chipset to the mix. What can you expect on iPhone 13? We’re assuming four phones, so the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 mini will likely be standard phones.

What’s the common word right now? We’ve heard from all kinds of sources that they can’t expect gigantic updates, as rumor has it that the company is focused on perfecting the design, improving the interiors, and possibly even introducing more powerful cameras that produce sharper photos and the best night shots do. Also, there is a possibility that the new iPhone will not be named iPhone 13. We’ve discussed whether Apple will be calling this upcoming iPhone 12S phone in a specific section you can find below. Below is everything we know so far about the upcoming iPhone, including our best guess about the iPhone 13 release date and a selection of things Apple should be introducing in its 2021 phone.

Release date and price of IPhone 13

When can you expect to buy a next-generation iPhone? We expect the iPhone 13 release date to be set to September 2021, but it may change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the past 10 years, Apple has consistently showcased its flagship phones at an event in early September and released the phones 10 days later. In 2020 everything changed due to the pandemic and the phones were delayed beyond the usual window.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were postponed to October, and the other two devices – iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max – were released in November, reportedly due to missing parts for the manufacturing process. Apparently, this delay resulted in a surge in sales for the phones. If we were to bet on a date, we would expect Apple to postpone the iPhone 13 release date to September 2021, and in fact at least one highly respected Apple analyst agrees with us.

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Another analyst has since said the same thing. The iPhone 13 range will apparently go on sale in the third week of September, which means an announcement earlier this month. However, one or more models may not go on sale until October. The iPhone 13 range is apparently on the right track for the September launch too, as we’ve heard elsewhere that the chipset will go into production at the end of May. This is relevant because the iPhones 12 didn’t go into production until late June last year.

Little is known about the price of the iPhone 13, but we expect it to be on a par with the iPhone 12 family. These phones cost more than 2019 – the iPhone 11 series – but that’s because of the addition of 5G and a few other tech elements. We’re sure to pick up more iPhone 2021 price leaks and rumors as soon as we hear them, but below are iPhone 12 series prices that we’re relatively confident will be similar over the next year.

IPhone 13 leaks and rumors

You might think the iPhone 13 release date is so far off that we wouldn’t know much about the next generation phone, but a variety of sources have shown us a few things to look forward to with the next iPhone. For now, we’re expecting four members of the iPhone 13 family. It is likely to be the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but this is not guaranteed.

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The company focused on three models through 2020 when it introduced the mini-model as the fourth phone in the iPhone 12 family. Most rumors suggest it will continue through 2021. If a model is abandoned, it would likely be the mini model as the iPhone 12 mini did not sell well, but rumor has it that Apple will continue to produce an iPhone 13 mini (albeit possibly in place of an iPhone SE 3). Below are most of the iPhone 13 rumors broken down into several categories.

Design and display for iPhone 13

We expect similar designs to the iPhone 12 family, and the screen technology will likely be similar too, as the company has made major updates to this element of the iPhone 12. A recent rumor has it that this year Apple will manage to reduce camera shocks and introduce a matte black option for the Pro models of the phone that has been redesigned from the current graphite. One thing that was rumored about the iPhone 12 was the addition of a high refresh rate display. Rumor has it that it could be rolled out on the iPhone 13, making the display smoother while playing games or scrolling through the social media feed.

This technology could also work similarly to the company’s iPad Pro range, which can vary the refresh rate based on activity on your phone. Another rumor confirmed the 120Hz refresh rate rumors but suggested that such a display may only be found on two of the four iPhone 13 models expected. Perhaps this means that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have 120Hz screens, while the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, or whatever they are called, don’t.

The source of that claim (Korean website The Elec) has since repeated this, adding that industry sources say the first two models will have a 120Hz screen. Sole supplier of these 120 Hz panels. Samsung Display is also set to convert its iPhone screen production line to one that produces that type of screen. Ming-Chi Kuo (an analyst with a very good track record) also said he expected a 120Hz screen for the Pro models.

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In fact, there is a chance the refresh rate could be even higher since an Apple patent mentions a phone with multiple refresh rates, probably up to 240Hz. This is a rate that no traditional phone currently offers. But patents don’t often develop into functions, so we take them with a pinch of salt. Another upgrade the screen could get is the addition of a constantly-on display, with a reliable leaker indicating that this could be a work in progress. Android phones have offered this for years, so it’s time for Apple to step on board.

The notch issue has also been explored with some sources claiming it will keep the same size as the iPhone 12 and others believe it will be more likely to shrink in 2021. What’s going to happen here isn’t particularly clear right now, although multiple sources suggest it’s shrinking instead of staying the same size. We also saw a photo showing the display glass for the iPhone 13 series, and there is a noticeably smaller notch made by moving the headset onto the bezel above.

Camera for iPhone 13

As for the camera, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, often right about Apple’s information, suggested that the ultra-wide-angle camera on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max be set to a f / 1.8 lens with six elements out of the lens could current f / 2.4 lens with five elements on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Kuo has since provided a hint that Sunny Optical is apparently capable of supplying this lens (which he now says could contain up to seven elements). Having a business capable of building it means that it is more likely. We also heard the same opening change from Barclays analysts, although they say this update will be available for all four iPhone 13 models. This s