Millennium Park is a beautiful park in Chicago

Millennium Park is a beautiful park in Chicago, Illinois. This park is very close to the Gold Coast and is one of the main tourist attractions in Chicago. This park has many spectacular attractions like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Navy Pier and Lincoln Park. The zoo is also present in this park. It has a beautiful playground and an Aquarium.

Many celebrities visit Chicago and they all love to spend their vacations at this wonderful park. Bill Clinton once called it the best park in America. The other celebrity who once visited Chicago was Donald trump. Here are some facts that show why Millennium Park is one of the best in the world. Also, it is not expensive to visit and has a lot of exciting things to do.

Millennium Park is divided into three parts. The northern part of the park has the Lincoln Park pavilion, the Des Plain garbage can, and also the Hollywood Studios. The southern part of the park is known as Deuce Bell’s Park and it is home to the famous Marilyn Monroe Playhouse. The last section is known as the New York Street station and is a great place for families to have a good time. Here, you will find the architectural landmark known as the Wrigley Tower.

Millennium Park is very popular because of its exciting rides and shows. There is a big attraction known as the Millennium Wheel, which has been operating since 1963. This roller coaster is the tallest one in the world. Besides these roller coasters, there are many shows that are held here. There is a circus that runs throughout the park each evening and during the day. There are also several theaters that play movies and shows.

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In addition to these attractions, this park also has several gardens and recreational areas where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. You will also get to experience the history of Chicago in the form of the old nineteenth century warehouses and factories around the area. You will find historical replicas and monuments all over the park. In fact, many tourists from all over the United States visit Millennium Park Chicago every year.

Millennium Park is truly a wonderful tourist attraction. It has something for everyone. They have many restaurants with fine dining, coffee shops, and snack bars. If you want to have some fun during your time at the park, you can rent skateboarding or rollerblading rentals. This will allow you to have a great time while at the park.