Learning to Add the Dots? – How to Start With Connect The Dot Alphabet

A new way to learn is by connecting the dots. Connecting the dots is just what it sounds like it is: using words, phrases and concepts to connect the dots in an online class or lesson. A class or a song is just a starting point, whatever is left over can be used to connect the dots. Here’s a quick review of how to do this with a few simple Connect The Dot Alphabet examples that you can find online.

Alphabet Connect The Dots Worksheets Free Printables

Connect The Dot Alphabet by connecting the first four dots in the word Brain. The first dot connects Brain with the letter B. The second dot connects Brain with the word C. The final dot connects Brain to the phrase D. This example is just one example and there are many to learn. Once you’ve worked through the beginner lessons and can add new words or phrases by using Connect The Dot Alphabet you’ll be ready for some more advanced material.

There are Connect The Dot Alphabet games to get you started. For example, you could use the letters A-G to link words and phrases together, linking C to G and so on. You could even make your own games by connecting the letters in a different way. Connect The Dot also includes lots of other fun learning and activities including word search puzzles and matching the dots with their synonyms. It is easy to get started using this method of learning and will allow you to add more words and phrases as you master the basics.

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