IOS 14 Issues: How to Fix Common iPhone Issues in iOS 14.4

IOS 14 issues can ruin Apple’s otherwise beautiful iPhone software update. So we’re here to help you troubleshoot the iOS 14 errors and glitches you may encounter.

Interrupted WiFi, poor battery life, and on-the-fly settings reset are the most discussed issues with iOS 14 according to iPhone users. Fortunately, Apple’s iOS 14.0.1 update fixed many of these early problems, as mentioned below, and subsequent updates have the Problems also fixed. That said, while some bugs have been fixed, some remain. Not only that, but some updates have brought new issues with them, with iOS 14.2 leading to battery issues for some users, for example.

Most problems are more annoying than serious, but even then, they can ruin your experience with an expensive phone. Below are the most commonly reported issues, as well as any fixes that in many cases just mean updating your software, as many issues have been fixed as of iOS 14.4.

Below are the major issues with iOS 14, as well as any fixes found so far. Some of the problems are solved simply by updating to the latest version of iOS. If we find that an update has fixed the problem, consider it fixed for each subsequent iOS version unless we say otherwise.

IOS 14 tap delay – Fixed

Over ten thousand Apple users clicked “I got this question too” on the post of this iOS 14 user who complained about keyboard lag after downloading the new update. As you type, the text and keystrokes are not displayed for a few seconds. Then they will all be displayed at the same time while fast forwarding.

Resolved issue with iOS 14: According to the update log for iOS 14.4, this patch resolves the “Input may be delayed and suggested words may not appear on the keyboard”. It took Apple more than four months to fix the problem, but better late than never!

If you’re using an older operating system, some users temporarily fixed the problem by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Keyboard Dictionary. However, updating to the latest version is the easiest solution.

IOS 14 text notifications are not displayed – Fixed

More and more users are complaining that the SMS notifications are not working properly, especially the texts are forwarding but the notification bubbles are not always showing. There have been reports that even the red bubble may not show up even if you have unread texts.

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It’s annoying, unpredictable, and means you have to open the Messages app fully to manually check if you have any new messages or iMessages.Fixed Issue with iOS 14: As part of iOS 14.3, Apple fixed a bug that resulted in no message notifications being received. Therefore, the problem should be resolved by updating to iOS 14.3 or higher.

iOS 14.X won’t download to your iPhone

At this point, most iPhone owners have upgraded to iOS 14. If not, upgrading to the new operating system may provide an easy solution to several problems. The same goes for anyone with iOS 14, but not the latest patch.

To download iOS 14, your iPhone must be iPhone 6S series or later. You will also need enough space on your device to download iOS 14 and the battery needs to be charged. It is also preferable to install iOS 14 with your iPhone connected.

If you see the message “Cannot check for updates” or “Update cannot be installed”, it is very likely that you do not have a stable network connection. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi, then check the network speed to make sure there are no issues with the provider.

If you can’t download the latest version, it might be because you downloaded the beta earlier. Delete this software version under Settings> General> Profiles and that should lead the way. If you haven’t downloaded the beta, other issues should be addressed by freeing up space and plugging your phone in.

Still having problems downloading? Apple Support recommends that you go to Settings> General> Storage to find the update in the app list. You can delete the update, then return to the Software Update menu and reinstall it. If so too

The battery will discharge faster

Some users report that the batteries ran out at an alarming rate after installing iOS 14, like this iPhone owner on the official Apple forums. Apple provided a drastic guide on how to fix battery drain that required a full factory reset of your iPhone to fix the problem.

This issue has apparently been fixed, but updating to iOS 14.2 caused similar battery issues, especially on older phones. Later versions 14.3 and 14.4 apparently solved the problem for some users but not for others. And 14.5 only fixes incorrect battery estimates, not battery usage.After months of waiting, we haven’t heard specific from Apple about possible solutions to this problem. However, there are a few things you can do to hopefully fix the problem.

For starters, some users regularly encounter this problem when they install a new version of iOS. When upgrading to a new version of the operating system, users’ iPhones reindex files and apps so they can be found faster and more efficiently. In other words, this battery drain might be temporary until your iPhone gets used to the new update.

Another simple trick is to reset the iPhone. To begin with, just turn off the phone completely and see if it helps. If you are really desperate, you can back up your iPhone, do a factory reset, and then reset your iPhone and see if that solves the problem, as it has with iOS 14 users in the past.

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There are other things to consider if the battery continues to leak, which is to check to see if it has lost capacity over time. Go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health to see if the battery has deteriorated.

If this is the case, or if you want to extend battery life in general, there are many Apple recommended ways to do it, such as: B. turning off the automatic screen brightness (Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Settings) and manually holding it on a low setting …

You can also turn off apps that are updated in the background (Settings> General> Background App Updates) and turn off location services in apps (Settings> Privacy> Location Services). Finally, you can easily turn off many of the above features by simply switching to power saving mode (Settings> Battery).

It is not possible to add or edit iOS 14 widgets

IOS 14 widgets are the stars of this iPhone update, but widgets can be tricky to add or edit. This is definitely an issue with iOS 14 if you ask us. For newly downloaded apps, you may not be able to add widgets if you tap the + icon in the top right corner (in wiggle mode).

Issue fixed in iOS 14: We won’t consider this issue fully resolved until Apple releases an update to fix the known widget bug. However, we found a quick fix: if you open the app and play it first, you might close it and find that it appears in the widget list after clicking the + icon.

iOS 14 doesn’t play YouTube in 4K or Picture-in-Picture – Fixed

One of the great things about the iOS 14 update is that you can now play videos in a small rectangular corner window, even if you quit a video app. It’s called picture-in-picture, and apps, including FaceTime, use it so you can video chat and browse another app like your email or Safari without interrupting the video.

Fixed problem with IOS 14: Picture-and-Picture works with YouTube. However, the problem with iOS 14 occurs when you’re not signed into your YouTube Premium account (or not signed up for Google’s paid ad-free service). Same goes for 4K videos on your iPhone. The iOS 14 feature only works in this particular app if you are a paid subscriber.

Delayed text when typing – Fixed

This is more annoying than annoying, but still not ideal. Users report that sometimes they type multiple words in a message or field before the text is displayed. This has been a lingering problem since the beta versions of iOS 14, as users confirm on Reddit and MacRumors forums.

It’s sure to be an odd problem that editors have only encountered sporadically. If we did, restarting our iPhone was able to temporarily fix the problem.Fixed iOS 14 issue: The changelog for iOS 14.4 lists the delayed entry as one of the bug fixes it contains. Hopefully an update should fix the problem.

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Disconnection from Wi-Fi – Fixed

Many users have complained about the loss of WiFi on social media and forums after updating to iOS 14 as noted by MacWorld. Some have indicated that if they lock the screen and put their iPhone to sleep, like this user on the Apple forums who said he would have to manually reconnect to Wi-Fi, they would be disconnected. Issue fixed in iOS 14: Apple introduced an operating system update in iOS 14.0.1 designed to fix issues that prevent iPhones from connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Hopefully this particular issue will be included in the fix.

Mail changed and default browser apps restored after reset – Fixed

One of the coolest new features in iOS 14 is the ability to set third-party apps as the default mail and web browser for your iPhone. However, in the first version, some users found that after resetting their phones, their email and browser apps were factory reset, Mail and Safari respectively. Fixed iOS 14 Issue: The first operating system update for iOS 14, iOS 14.0.1, contained an explicit fix for this issue. Hopefully it has been fixed for users who have experienced it.

Apple News “Top News” widget appears blank – fixed

Some users, like this one on Apple’s official forums, have set up widgets for Apple News and left the Top Stories section blank while other sections are filled with content. This issue has been seen with other widgets including Weather and Music. Issue Fixed in iOS 14: Apple specifically addressed this issue in iOS 14.0.1, which was quickly fixed a week after iOS 14 was released. It’s unclear if this fixes issues in other widgets as well.

IPhone 7 camera viewfinder shows black screen – fixed

IPhone 7 owners like this official Apple forum poster have a problem with the camera app’s viewfinder going completely dark. The user above reported that opening the viewfinder on Snapchat or Instagram resulted in a similar black screen. It’s unclear if these were just iPhone 7 owners or if other iPhones were affected. Fixed iOS 14 Issue: This issue was supposedly fixed in the rushed iOS 14.0.1 update that specifically addressed the issue.

Jailbroken Warning – Fixed

When I first launched iOS 14, some apps sent a message with an inaccurate warning that your iPhone was jailbroken because the apps themselves weren’t updated to recognize the new operating system as legitimate. Once these apps were updated, these messages disappeared. Any app that gives you this message right now probably hasn’t been updated in six months and probably shouldn’t be used anyway. Now, this problem is unlikely to recur until iOS 15 boots up.