Dot To Dot Alphabet Games Help To Develop Learning Skills

Dot To Dot Alphabet is a new set of teaching aids designed to assist children with learning how to spell their alphabet. In this age of computers and technology many children have difficulty learning to read and spell, especially for those who have not been taught to read or to write before. Dot To Dot has been developed as an educational resource for those children who need assistance in learning the alphabet. These Dot To Dot Alphabet teaching aids are specifically aimed at helping children learn to read and to spell. Unlike flashcards or chalkboards there are no lines to erase, no erasing to make room for new words, and no moving back and forth between words to check for accuracy. Dot To Dot products come in a range of sizes, colours and designs, and can be custom ordered to fit in with the theme and design of your child’s room or home.

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There are 10 different dot subjects to choose from which include the abc, dash, circle, heart, I, j, k, m, space, tail, up, and y. By using these items children are taught to identify each letter and the sound that they make when sounded out. Each of the items has a range of examples associated with it, such as common garden daisies and potted plants. You can also use your child’s own images to create the dot-based image array and the result is a truly unique product that not only aids children with their letter learning but also allows them to express themselves creatively.

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The Dot To Dot Alphabet teaching aid is easy to use. Children simply stick the item on the page they wish to practise the alphabet on, along with a picture of whatever they are trying to associate with that particular letter. The items are light and therefore will not provide a strain on the eyes, and they are also very portable. The items can be customized by printing extra text on them, such as more information or a short quote. For example, if the child is hoping to achieve the phrase “the dog that jumps on the couch” they can have the item printed with additional text relating to this command.

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