Connect The Dot Letters

This fun activity for preschoolers allows them to learn how to connect the dots. Connect the Dots is part of the new Smart Pencils range from The Connect The Dot Company. These colourful pens are designed to help children express themselves by writing letters using their own handwriting. Children follow the basic letters A-Z in lettering order on this popular connect-the dots coloring page.

9 Best Images Of Dots Letters Worksheets Dot Marker

By connecting the dots, children show how letters make sentences and phrases. Connect the dots by writing out the alphabet from A-Z and then matching it with the matching number. For example, to write the word hello, write the first letter in A and the second letter in Z. Connect the dots once more to form the word school!

The Connect The Dot System is easy to use and it is perfect for young children who love to write! They can draw their favourite animals and decorate the page with coloured dots that make up words. Kids can use any kind of paper – the board they’re drawing on is bendable so you can cut it however you like. If they want to draw a different animal, they just have to erase some of the old dots and start over. This is just one activity that the Connect The Dot System can be used on. The manufacturer has plans for many more Connect The Dot products such as puzzles and sticker packs.

Turkey Connect The Dots By Capital Letters Autumn Fall

Uppercase M Connect The Dots Alphabet Apple With Smiley Face Connect The Dots By Capital

Pumpkin Connect The Dots By Capital Letters Autumn Fall

Connect The Dots Letters Preschool

Uppercase A Connect The Dots Alphabet

Love These Alphabet Connect The Dots The Whole Alphabet

Connect The Dot Letters Alphabet Preschool Teaching The

Connect The Dot Letters Alphabet Preschool Teaching The

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