Connect Dots For Kindergarten

Connect Dots For Kindergarten is a great way to enhance the basic skills you will use in Kindergarten. The art project connects two shapes, usually diamonds and triangles, using the ideas of connecting dots to make shapes. When you are doing the project, try drawing your hands in various ways to see how many different patterns you can make. You might also draw with pink and red threads together to create a star. There are also connecting dots for kindergarteners that look like a ball through a series of small holes that have been cut into the ball.

Kindergarten Dinosaur Connect The Dots Printable

After learning how to do this, it is easy to make larger dots that represent more things or objects. When you are finished, all you need is some glue, a soft eraser and the proper amount of color. You will need a variety of different colors like yellow, orange, blue, green, violet and red. It’s a great way to connect several types of dots so you will learn about many different types of connections between the various colors.

While Connect Dots For Kindergarten is fun and educational, it does require that you start at the very beginning – laying out the materials, getting the correct directions and learning the basic principles of placement of each dot. It is a good idea to help your child learn the concept of placing dots before you get into the fun part. When you are helping your toddler with a Connect Dots project, remember to use a variety of colors and warm, soothing tones. Some other concepts you should teach your toddler along with Connect Dots are alignment, patterning, filling in the squares, merging and cleanup. Your child will enjoy connecting shapes with the perfect dot and will start developing some of these important early learning skills.

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