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The Capital Alphabet Tray by IJarp ensures endless entertainment and fun for your children as they make their first foray into alphabetical fun. The Capital Alphabet Tray by IJarp is kid proof, using letters of the alphabet in a jar with a picture of what’s inside. This alphabet tray with picture is just safe for small children to play with, no matter how young they are. Once the small child has managed to get all the letters of the alphabet onto their tray, they can each take a picture of what they’re doing to the jar and have it transferred to the front of the alphabet tray for all to see.

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If you’re looking for a creative way to teach your children the alphabet, the Capital Alphabet by IJarp is perfect for this. By simply adding a capital to any child’s letter, such as the letter “A”, the child can have their picture taken and have the capital placed on the front of the alphabet tray, ensuring that the child memorizes it in order. If the child should misplace the capital, a reminder can be added with the matching IJarp Capital Alphabet Poster below. There are also a number of other activities to help children learn their ABC’s. For younger children, the interactive learning videos help them learn basic shapes and placement of objects around the room, helping them build a foundation for more complicated learning.

Allowing your child to enjoy this special time of learning by capitalizing on the visual stimulation will help them remember the capital letters. These specially designed Capital Alphabet Trays by IJarp can be used for both preschool and kindergarten students, as well as those who just need to retrain themselves. No matter what level your child falls on, this fun activity is guaranteed to stimulate their minds and develop their alphabetical skills. Once they’ve mastered all five capital letters, they can go home and share with their friends or send them off to bed with a smile on their face. Your child will thank you!

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