Alphabet For Child

Alphabet For Child is a great learning tool for those who have trouble learning traditional phonics. If you have difficulty learning a new alphabet, you can learn how to identify the sound of each letter by using this program. You will also be able to identify common combinations of letters to create words. This is a wonderful learning system that anyone with a little attention to detail can utilize.

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The first line of the program is the “․Chowki” it translates to Child Language (Indonesian alphabet) It is free to download and utilize. The program has several rhymes and sounds to aid children in learning the alphabet very quickly. When a parent joins the program, they receive an additional eight rhyming books. These books make learning simple by making everything rhyme. A child will soon understand the rhymes and be able to identify each sound.

To purchase this product, a parent must join as a member at Aba Learning. Once a member, they will be able to purchase their own copy of Alphabet For Child. This program truly is a wonderful learning tool and will provide a child with hours of fun and entertainment. It is a great system to utilize when your child is having a hard time learning traditional phonics.

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